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Head Of Investments

Managing Partner


We share investment opportunities with investors that want to keep control of their wealth. They decide what they want to do with it.

Dedicated allows you to choose the companies you want to invest in. We will either help you to find the opportunity or will submit one to you. We will then structure the investment, do the follow-up with the entrepreneur and we will make sure your investment follows a seamless path.

We believe that investing in companies that create value should not be reserved to an elite. We believe that the one investing in these companies should be you.

We’ve helped clients in the following transactions

Vacation rentals, home, experiences and places

Buy now and Pay later.

Find babysitters you can trust.

Sell your home the minute you're ready

The online learning library

The future of Energy is free.

Tenants Management made simple.

Farmland Investment

Separate yourself from the Crowd

Investment sourcing, structuring and advising on behalf of its clients.

Business Advisory