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🪫 BATTRI’s mission is to build a new recycling business that will ‘close the loop’ in the EV battery recycling lifecycle 🧞‍♂️ Congratulations Maxime Treves and the team #batteryrecycling

20 days ago
dedicatedvc spacex-falcon-9-rocket-aces-record-13th-flight-activity-6945440207609446400-jaq6

"Such extensive reflight is a big priority for SpaceX and its billionaire founder and CEO, Elon Musk. Musk has repeatedly said that rapid and complete reuse is the key breakthrough that will allow humanity to settle Mars and achieve a variety of other ambitious spaceflight feats."

47 days ago

Going from 0 to 1 at the speed of light, Max. Hats off.

47 days ago

"I sincerely think we're going to be better off if in 10 years from now less people have credit cards and more people have debit cards and occasionally use BNPL services, which is certainly the kind of direction that we're going,” our CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski told CNBC today in an interview on Klarna’s business model and why BNPL is a more sustainable way for consumers to use credit. Check out the full interview here:

57 days ago